It all began under palm trees


The idea for our mission was born in Matema, and that is why today we are called, you will have guessed it – “Matema”.

Our German-Tanzanian brand is new and innovative. We bring African styles like you have never seen before to your home. Not only unique, individual and exotic, but also damn fair. Everything else you need to know about the brand you will find right here…


We are who we claim to be


Matema is authentic. When we say the word ‘Tanzania’ we know what we are talking about.
Our team consists of Tanzanians or people who have spent a lot of time in Tanzania. The founders Jan and Tino have lived and discovered this land for over a year and have worked in social projects.
The country and the people are just great. Tanzania has a lot to tell – and Matema is the voice of this diversity, joy of life and inspiration.


Matema means vision


Matema merges two essential elements. We bring unprecedented new styles to Europe, making your everyday life even more diverse and free. At the same time, we want to set an important sign with our merchandise, 100% Made in Tanzania. Only if Tanzania produces valuable products for the world market, Tanzanian society can achieve prosperity.
With Matema, we want to create jobs, pay fair wages, promote training and set an example.
Change begins within – that’s why we believe that a fair brand is the right solution for Tanzania and a great opportunity for you to support Tanzanian communities.


Our origins


Without Moshi, nothing works. This is where ideas become reality. Our production site at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

The birthplace of our brand of the same name. A wonderful place that has always inspired us.

But why Matema?


What does Matema mean anyway? And what does Tupo Pamoja mean?
Matema, as you now know, is the place where it all began. It’s a beautiful place that gave us the inspiration and strength to start Project Matema.

Tupo Pamoja – one of the most beautiful expressions of the Swahili language. It symbolizes our connection between Europe and Tanzania. The term stands for any positive connection, e.g. between you and your friends, or between you and Matema. Karibu sana!



Our Social Impact that we want to achieve together with you to not just be any brand, but a particularly responsible brand. 
This ambition is not just a part of Matema, it is at the heart of our motivation. Here are our two main goals…

Creating training and jobs

Buy products and automatically promote the future of talented tailors!


We want to help in Tanzania. Then why are we founding a fashion label at all? Why don’t we just collect donations? Why don’t we start an NGO? 

Progress by our own efforts!
This is due to the many experiences we have gained in Tanzania and our personal view. We believe that we can achieve much more with a social enterprise than with one-time donations! We became aware that donations rarely lead to a status of independence. But this is exactly what we want to achieve. Freedom and prosperity for our employees and all trainees!

Education for all!
We are particularly proud of the fact that we pay a salary to our trainees and cover their training costs. In Tanzania, trainees usually pay for their training themselves, which denies many young people the opportunity to pursue a qualified profession. Not so with us. Here there are equal opportunities for all!

Good work is well paid!
Fair wages are a form of recognition for the good work that our tailors do every day and essential to us!
Therefore, our wages are twice higher than the Tanzanian average income. It is especially important for us that our employees profit directly from the export of our goods to Germany. This should show that the participation in world trade is essential for more prosperity in Tanzania.

Developing sustainable projects

No matter which Matema product you buy, a part always flows into sustainable projects!


Donating is fun, helps and makes you feel good. But it can be even better. With every Matema product you buy, you contribute to our sustainable projects.

Every product counts, no exceptions!
We are committed to using at least 10% of each product, meaning turnover, for our social projects. In the future this number is expected to increase. At the beginning we have to reinvest most of our profits directly to establish Matema. If the brand makes a good start, we can and will invest more in our social objectives! That’s a promise!

Our start: Scholarships
Education is not a universal remedy, but it is a basic building block for a more prosperous society in Tanzania. However, many families are unable to finance secondary school for their children. Therefore, with every piece you buy from Matema, you support the schooling of talented young people.

In numbers:
With a Matema t-shirt, you can pay for two days of schooling, housing and food for one of our scholarship holders.
With a Matema jacket, you will pay for a whole school week of schooling, accommodation and food for one of our scholarship holders*.
This is just the beginning, we hope to present more sustainable projects made by Matema soon!


Okay, we have told you a lot about Matema, but in the end only the hard facts count. What we do with our money, how we pay our tailors, how we treat our trainees. See for yourself, Matema – 100% transparent and open! A social brand you can trust:


Do your expenses really arrive in Tanzania?

The answer is yes!

More than 80% of Matema’s expenses go to Tanzania. This means we achieve exactly what we want! Creating added value in Tanzania and fairly remunerating the work.

What does a fashion label that produces independently spend its money on?

You can find out now…


Where does your money go in Tanzania?*

Admittedly, things are getting a bit more complicated here, but you’ll manage that as well! First of all, you’re gonna ask yourself, “What? Less than 14% for wages. Isn’t that what we identify with Matema? Our answer:
1. Whether it’s transport, materials or machinery: we take care to use “Made in Tanzania” wherever possible. Thus, the Tanzanians benefit enormously from our commitment in these areas as well, and your money will end up where it should, well diversified with Tanzanian producers!
2. The materials for the summer ’19 are already completely paid for, but the wages are paid weekly. So, the share of wages in our expenses will increase every week!
*State 20.05.2019, at the given time it was only possible to allocate about 95% of the expenses

Does Matema really pay fair wages?

While the overall share of our expenditure on wages is still moderate at the moment, it is now clear that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our employees are doing well:

Our wages are more than twice as high as the average income in Tanzania (see 2014).

And it gets even better…
Even more impressive are the figures of our social label when we look at our trainees!

Give chances

We cannot provide official figures, but what we can see every day in Tanzania is that a large part of the people have not received any further education. There is a huge oversupply of taxi-motorcyclists, bus station vendors and other low-income earners, to name but a few examples. Access to high school diplomas etc. is only possible with high school fees.

We want to show in a exemplary way how free vocational training should look like, which is there for everyone!
While trainees normally have to pay their training school and the trainer, we do all this for our students and even give them a little pocket money to take with them!