2019 – Matema gets going

Two thousand nineteen, the year Matema was born and learned to walk. So many people have invested something in this wonderful project, be it time, money, know-how or whatever. All of them invested it in the year it was founded, 2019. Thanks again at this point! 

Now we would like to take a look back at the most important events in 2019 to give you a start so that you can start the next decade of Matema perfectly with us! Which Matema events did you witness in 2019? What did you miss in 2019? Find out! 

February – Foundation

In February this year our idea “Matema” was put into practice. Matema was founded. A small previous project, which we had started during our volunteer time in Tanzania, turned into a real business. We founded the business and did all the necessary work to start realizing our vision. We didn’t hesitate for long, we didn’t worry about what could go wrong, we didn’t doubt that we could do it, we just got going! We threw ourselves into the adventure! 

March/April – Preparation in Germany and Tanzania 

Different teams prepare the start of Matema in Tanzania and Germany 

The agenda with things that had to be done before Matema could start for you was very long. In March and April we really put our foot down to get the first Matema products to Germany as quickly as possible, to make the brand known and to build a presentable online shop for you. We brought all Matema employees from all corners of Germany together to lay the foundations for a successful future. Our managing director Jan spent a month in Tanzania where he helped to set up our small production, established personal contacts with our tailors, inspected their work and showed you what a central role Tanzania plays for our brand. Boundlessness, individuality, freedom – the inspiration of Tanzania.

May – Matema goes online

The sewing machines were still running almost the whole month of May and we continued to build up the online shop, always with the clear goal of opening our shop for you as soon as possible! At the end of May the months of preparation were finally over and the shop could finally be opened. We have made this solemnly! The first rush was gigantic, we noticed that there was a great curiosity for this extraordinary project. Your interest was great at Matema and we have always been grateful for the many interesting feedbacks we get!

The first Matema articles are finally available for you in the shop!


June/July – We are here!

After our shop had only gone online at the end of May, June and July were the first two months in which we were really in business. We are still overjoyed about every jacket or t-shirt you bought, after we had prepared everything in only 3 months. We learned a lot in this time, which was very important in the following months…

August to December – evaluation and view of 2020


Results of our first small shooting in Germany

At the end of July and August we (all students) noticed for the first time that we were able to advance Matema and study at the same time, exam phase sends its regards, uffff, that’s pretty hard. But after the exam phase was over, we accelerated again and pushed forward for Matema. While the online business has continued, we have been thinking about what we want to do better in 2020 than we did in 2019, we have made cooperations, we have done a first, very nice shooting in Germany and we are in the starting blocks with new strategies for an exciting and successful 2020.

We hope you are as excited about the new decade as we are! We are looking forward to actively shaping the future of many people in Tanzania and Germany. We hope that you will continue to be on board! Tupo Pamoja!

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