March 18, 2020

+++ Corona-Update +++

Matema and partners stick together!

Matema and partners stick together!

Habari ya siku hizi majununi? How are you these crazy days?

It is certainly not Matema’s job to constantly comment on current issues. On the contrary. Matema stands much more for the fact that you can put your individual stamp on your everyday life with our extraordinary colourful designs. But even we can’t avoid the current crisis, therefore our …

Corona Update

You have certainly heard a thousand things that are important for you to consider at the moment. Therefore only briefly what the current crisis means for Matema & you:

  1. Matema is positioned in such a way that, according to current estimates, we will survive the current phase well and can continue to work intensively in Tanzania.
  2. We are a small label where everybody knows everybody. This means that we can continue to do our best for our tailors and support them in the best possible way if any problems arise. This is what makes our fair clothes!
  3. Our products come from Kenya and Tanzania. While in Tanzania the virus has not really arrived yet, in Kenya there are already greater restrictions. Therefore it may take a little longer until our new collection is available to you.
  4. Our online shop with the latest products is still ready for you!
  5. How it will go on with our events in summer will be shown. According to our estimation and the general situation it is likely that there will be restrictions.

Matema stands for individuality, freedom, progress and much more. Especially since we are currently unable to live up to these values to the fullest, we are all the more proud to present them with Matema!

We are at least as pleased that our principle of acting fairly is proving to be a great advantage, especially in times of crisis!

How are you currently doing? Does clothing suddenly play a different, maybe lower role with you? Do you have special demands on Matema in these times? Let us know via Instagram, Telegram or the contact form!

We will get back to you soon with “normal” news!

See you soon!
Your Matema team

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