November 7, 2019

+++ Events +++ Tanzania 2020 +++ Giftcards +++

Habari zenu?

How are you doing?👋

Things have changed again with Matema. Our eyes are already slowly turning to an eventful year 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣. What we have in store for you now!


So far you can find us mainly online – on , on Instagram and on Facebook. In 2020 we want to go one step further. We want to meet you on a more personal level and above all give you the opportunity to get to know Matema more intensively! Therefore we are about to book the first of several events for 2020. You will find us at Fair Fashion, Africa and other events in 2020. There you can get to know us better and have a close look at our styles. We will do our best to hopefully get close to you!
Speaking of styles, you can be sure that we will bring you some new products until the events werden😊

Voucher cards

But there is already a new product! Suitable for the upcoming Christmas season we finally have Matema gift cards for euch🎁
You can find them in the shop from now on! Look at them, they are beautiful and a really special gift!

With the voucher you can give a unique gift to your friends and acquaintances, additionally you donate 10% to our social projects of Matema with your purchase and help us with our message to verbreiten😊

Tanzania 2020

We’re coming home! In 2020, we will return to Tanzania again – for us meanwhile a second Heimat🏠🌍
The anticipation already goes trough the roof 😍

First of all we will check out the market in Nairobi in the first few days, see how textiles are produced there and how we can improve our products with the help of know-how and materials from Kenya.
After that, the main part of the work in Moshi will begin, of which we will of course tell you all about werden😊
Finally, we conclude the time with a trip to Namibia to get more impressions from other African countries to erlangen🇿🇲🇳🇦

What are your plans for 2019? What should we definitely do with Matema this year?
We look forward to your answers and wish you all the best!


See you soon!
Your Matema team

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