September 2, 2019

+++ Summer break+++ Meetings +++ Release Mwezi-jacket +++ Photoshootings +++

Good evening Matema friends!👋🏼

It’s been a little longer than we would like that we last contacted you.🙄

Summer break🌴

This shows that even in the lives we live, Matema can sometimes not be in the first place, no matter how much we love our mission! 😍
Sometimes there is not enough time left over from studying (especially during the examination phase as lately) and the other important tasks in life to take the next steps with Matema.
Often people ask us in general how we manage to find the necessary time for Matema?🤔
There is no perfect answer. But it is certain that a high degree of endurance, joy, conviction and enthusiasm play a central role spielt😊

We hope that this positive spirit, this enthusiasm, a little bit like a red trail, will be reflected in our styles and thus finally also in you!💪🏼😊


Now that the break is over we can live our enthusiasm for Matema to the fullest again😍
We do this with several meetings in Hannover and Fulda, because we come from different parts of Germany and otherwise we can only work together through video chats. Meetings and being together are much nicer and strengthen our Team💪🏼

Release Mwezi-Jacke

But especially for you ladies the end of the summer break has something very positive.😊
The MWEZI-Jacket is finally here and now available in our Onlineshop! With its dark red shades it will give you wonderful last summer days and a wonderful start into autumn! ☀


So that you know even better what to expect, we shooted for you yesterday again!📸
We are looking forward to present you the first pictures of the shooting soon! Until tomorrow afternoon you will find the right make-off in our Instagram-Story Clips😊

Finally, we would like to congratulate the winner of the shop voucher for the month of August 😊🎉

Otherwise have a nice September, enjoy the last warm days and see you soon!

Your Matema team

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