July 2, 2019

+++ Giftcards +++ The first month +++ Get2Know Matema +++

Hello, we from Matema wish you a good start into the new month!🇹🇿🤩

July has started, June is over, which means that we have given away the first newsletter voucher! Hongera sana! Who knows, maybe it will be your turn at the end of July?🎁
We hope that it will cool down a bit soon, so that we can finally get our Matema jackets out of the wardrobe.🥵

The first month

By far the most exciting topic we can tell you about is clearly: How has the first month since we opened our website gone?

And wooow, it was really a super exciting time to start with Matema! It was very exciting, especially since none of us knew what exactly was waiting for us. Now, one month later, we already know a lot more. Together we can be proud of many things we have built up. We thank all friends of Matema very much for the positive feedback regarding our mission, our shop and all the other things. But at least, if not even more valuable are the insights on how we can and must develop as a social brand in the future. We also owe this to your feedback! We will give everything to offer you a more diverse range of styles as soon as possible, to carry our message even more clearly and loudly into the world and much more!


After we first offered you free shipping, the “Get to know us” weeks now continue with “Discovery” prices on selected products. This week: The Nyota and the Kito jacket. This is a little foretaste of the Summer Sale, which will also start soon.🔔

That’s supposed to be it again! As always, you are welcome to respond to our post, we hope you liked it.😊

Kwa Herini! See you next time!
Your Matema team


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