Get freedom at home!

About Us

Matema brings worlds together and creates a completely new one! Your revolutionary look of colourful, meaningful, traditional patterns, deeply interwoven in the culture of Africa.

Colourful beauty combined with your most modern styles. We call it Kitenge Streetwear by Matema!

Tanzania is a country with millions of interesting impressions. In an infinite variety they deal with joy of life, freedom, uniqueness and much more. From now on you can bring this unique rhythm to your home with Matema!


About Us

We are modern styles with a Tanzanian touch. Colourful, unique, free. Kitenge Streetwear by Matema! And 100% social.


Who we are

A special gift for special people


Not only with our styles, but also with this Matema voucher you will definitely stand out from the crowd.
It has never been easier to give special people a special gift!

Social Impact by Matema Design

Matema Design is more than revolutionary, african fashion.

Only our strong will to support as many people in Tanzania as possible with Matema makes our mission complete.

100 % Transparency

Is Matema really as fair as it claims?
What happens behind the scenes?

100% transparency, see for yourself!

Be involved!

Of course, we are not only concerned with ensuring that tailors, trainees and students benefit from Matema Design.

We also want you to feel that you are part of Matema and have the opportunity to be involved in the shaping of this project.
That’s why you can regularly receive news about Matema Design through the newsletter and write to us via the contact box about anything that is on your mind.

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Do you have any ideas, wishes or suggestions that you would like to share with us? Do not hesitate to contact us. You are exactly right here!